Spectral Strand with 25mm Rose Quartz Stone Heart

A delicately coloured 25mm rose quartz stone heart. This beautiful stone heart has been perfectly matched with a Spectral Strand of clear crystal octagons and pink crystal beads. Alternatively you can choose to hang your rosaline heart from a Spectral Strand made with clear crystal octagons and clear crystal beads.

This beautifully delicate stone heart will engage with your feminine side. It is also believed that the heart shape can bring love into your life and strengthen existing relationships. The heart represents compassion, love and happiness.

Unique from the designers at The Spectral Peacock and handmade to order the Spectral Strand is sure to create wonderful rainbows on your walls and ceilings when hung in a sunny window.

Total Design Length (cm) Approximately 11 cm

Spectral Strand 25mm Rose Quartz Stone Heart

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