Spectral Pulse with Swarovski 50mm Kite Crystal

A clear comtemporary Swarovski 50mm Kite hanging crystal has been hung from our elegant Spectral Pulse in clear octagons and beads. The delicate repeating elements of the Spectral Pulse make it a perfect match to this crystal. In your mind's eye you could easily imagine the kite soaring in the clear sky with the delicate pulse trailing behind, glinting in the bright sunlight.

Unique to the Spectral Peacock, this beautiful Spectral Pulse is inspired by the repeating patterns so often found in nature and is handmade to order.

The kite symbolise a desire to be free from problems and enjoy a more carefree and adventurous lifestyle whilst a kite with a tail symbolises a desire to take control. The crystal kite with a 'tail' or strand can be given to someone who is about to start a new chapter of their life or a new adventure.

Main Crystal Size (mm) 50 mm
Total Crystal Length (cm) Approximately 23 cm
Swarovski Code 8755
Swarovski Name Kite Pear Shape
Swarovski Range Strass
Laser Hallmark Yes

Spectral Pulse with Swarovski 50mm Clear Kite Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

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