Spectral Chakra Strand with Swarovski 40mm New Leaf Crystal

A beautifully organic, genuine clear 40mm Swarovski New Leaf hanging crystal with laser etched hallmark, hung on a dazzling Spectral Strand combined with crystal chakra beads. There are seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body which resonate with the seven rainbow colours, and whilst all our crystals produce amazing rainbows when struck by sunlight, by incorporating the seven chakra coloured crystals within this design it can help focus the mind and centre the body whatever the weather. Unique to the Spectral Peacock, this beautiful Spectral Chakra Strand  is from the designers at The Spectral Peacock and handmade to order.

Hung in a sunny window this beautiful design shimmers and sparkles creating the most fantastic rainbows on walls and ceilings when struck by sunlight.

The leaf crystal represents warmth and healing. This natural shape can absorb negativity and transform it positively.

Main Crystal Size (mm) 40 mm
Total Crystal Length (cm) Approximately 18 cm
Swarovski Code 8806
Swarovski Name New Leaf
Swarovski Range Strass
Laser Hallmark Yes

Spectral Chakra Strand with Swarovski 40mm New Leaf Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

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