Spectral Starburst with Rainbow Guardian Angel - helps create and maintain happiness

Our Guardian Angels are created to watch over and protect you. This beautiful rainbow guardian angel can also help create and maintain happiness.

This perfectly formed rainbow Guardian Angel has been teamed with our unique clear Spectral Starburst to create a hanging window crystal that would suit any space. When caught in sunlight the complex starburst strand creates haloes of light and rainbows that appears to pulsate like an angel's heartbeat.

The body of the rainbow Guardian Angel is formed from AB crystals which shimmer in rainbow colours even in poorer light and the starburst strand is created with clear crystal beads and octagons that echo the angel's wings.

Alternatively you can choose to hang your Guardian Angel from a Spectral Starburst Strand made with clear crystal octagons and some coloured beads in either siam red, garnet red, yellow, topaz, orange, peridot green, emerald green, capri blue, montana blue, dark blue, light blue, purple, violet, amethyst, fuchsia or pink crystal. These colours are subject to availability.

Our Guardian Angels come complete with descriptive tags make thoughtful and caring gifts. Each guardian angel is supplied in a pretty organza bag which both protects and enhances the angel.

Angel Duties

While all of our Guardian Angels can watch over and protect you each one has a special duty.

  • Emerald - helps to bring good luck to you and your loves ones
  • Montana - helps to reflect your sense of compassion
  • Amethyst - helps demonstrate and maintain friendships
  • Pink - helps to reflect inner love and show you are a loving person
  • Rainbow - helps to create and maintain happiness
  • Clear - helps with a clear sense of thought and purpose
  • Red - helps to develop and maintain your inner strength
  • Yellow - helps to bring hope and optimism into your life
  • Green - helps to build confidence
  • Blue - helps to create a sense of inner peace
  • Olivine - helps to develop and maintain wisdom and strong leadership
  • Black Diamond - helps to develop an open mind
  • Capri Blue - helps give a sense of exhiliration and freedom
Angel Size (mm) Approximately 32 mm
Total Crystal Length (cm) Approximately 16 cm

Spectral Starburst with Rainbow Guardian Angel Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

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