Large Spectral Pulse with Swarovski 100mm Point Crystal

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A long, slender and very stylish Swarovski 100mm Point hanging crystal perfectly matched to our Large Spectral Pulse in clear octagons and beads. The delicate repeating elements of the Large Spectral Pulse make it a perfect match to this slender crystal. The repeating pattern of the Large Spectral Pulse draws your gaze along its full length onto the delicate 100mm Point.

Unique to the Spectral Peacock, this beautiful Large Spectral Pulse is inspired by the repeating patterns so often found in nature and is handmade to order. The Large Spectral Pulse would look fantastic in a larger or longer window.

The crystal point or pendulum is a powerful crystal often used to centre ones energy. It is also used for pendulum dowsing or radioesthesia, a practice believed to date back over six thousand years.

Main Crystal Size (mm) 100 mm
Total Crystal Length (cm) Approximately 48 cm
Swarovski Code 8611
Swarovski Name Drop
Swarovski Range Strass
Laser Hallmark Yes

Large Spectral Pulse with Swarovski 100mm Point Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

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